Fireproof tarpaulins ensure the safety of goods in transit.

Time: 2016-10-24

Fireprooftarpaulin as its name is a kind of fire prevention function of tarpaulin. It ensuresthe safety of goods in transit, which can delay the burning time of the dangerousgoods and precision instruments. Therefore, the product is used by many chemicalindustries. Here I will introduce some characteristics of the fireprooftarpaulin to you.

The use offireproof tarpaulin can well- protect the object from the heat and spark zone,and completely prevent the combustion or isolation combustion. As the covercanopy has a heat insulation function, which can delay the explosion time ofdangerous goods or precision instruments. And thus we have the chance to find therisks and rescue on time.

Cover tarpaulinused in flammable and explosive dangerous goods and precision instruments andequipment production, storage, transportation for the security protection.

When we use theproduct, dangerous goods and precision instruments and equipment should becompletely covered, so that it can reduce the combustion and explosion case affectedby small -mars.

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