The application of waterproof fabric tarpaulin

Time: 2017-08-21
Summary: Autumn and winter gradually close, climate change farm management to bring a new round of old trouble, engaged in aquaculture farmers are aware that will be through the "troubled times", colds, fever and other diseases have also entered a period of high. Need a good helper farms - farms or farms rolling shutter, and it can give farms to maintain a certain indoor temperature, shelter, cold, etc. - plastic tarpaulin.

topbon tarpauin co., TED Best environmental temperature for swine column 15 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, less than 5 ℃ or above 30 ℃, the growth of pigs will be affected, therefore, fall and winter seasons respond rearing pigs take special management methods, the farm owner should attention, do preventive work, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

Ations different from other winter season mainly insulation, ventilation problems. Each farm should pay attention to the hardware construction and facilities investment, there are conditions to keep homes warm in winter warm barn warming will inevitably lead to some degree of closure, discounted ammonia and other harmful gases will inevitably increase after the closure, water pipes feces and urine leakage and moisture caused relatively increased, which in pigs poses a threat to a healthy life, but also the breeding ground for disease, so warm at the same time should also increase ventilation and disinfection. The best and most cost-effective way is to install pig shutter, Foshan Lee canvas silk production farm shutter is made of PVC plastic canvas, simple, by the use, life expectancy reach 5 to 6 years; windproof waterproof, play weatherization effect, is the major pig choice. Pig shutter waterproof, mildew, cold, anti-aging, anti-static function. And cracking strength, tear elongation, tear strength is much better than the traditional tarp, looks for special treatment from the non-slip effect, is a common breeding career waterproof cloth. 点击打开链接

Also, there are local holding facilities, such as infrared heat lamps or heating plate to prevent child pigs get together. While ensuring Sherwin, but also suitable for winter use of the exhaust system, and remove discounted ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases, improve sanitation, waste cleared up, discounted kept dry, reducing the temperature difference causes stress, time and disinfection, reducing pathogens in the air or dust density in order to reduce the chances of infection. However, due to low winter temperatures, ventilation measures would be to ignore the majority of farmers, but we must do proper ventilation to ensure fresh air so as not to irritate the respiratory tract without irritating the eyes induce airway inflammation, reduce pigs resistance. Ventilation swine feeding activities should be arranged in the most productive time, usually timer switch exhaust fan ventilation.

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