What properties does the cover have?

Time: 2018-07-23

In our life or production work to use the things are very few, such as the tarp is the category, we can often see for this kind of product, the important thing is to have a good performance, such ability can use the process of play a bigger role, will also get the welcome of consumer, and for our this product, what characteristics are required to is it?

For our this tarp, it is mainly used to cover a large area of the fire prevention cloth, so he is the main performance is in fire, and he is mainly adopts the material of fire or fiber, so after the special craft, can play fire prevention performance is also very good.

At the same time, for this kind of product, besides excellent fireproofing performance, its sealing and corrosion prevention performance are quite outstanding, and it is very convenient for us to wrap some goods or equipment with uneven surface in the application process, which can protect these goods well.

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