Fashion Double Sided Knit Fabric Textile Jacquard Fabric
Fashion Double Sided Knit Fabric Textile Jacquard Fabric
Fashion Double Sided Knit Fabric Textile Jacquard Fabric
Fashion Double Sided Knit Fabric Textile Jacquard Fabric

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GSM from 200to 2200
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1. 100% high tenacity polyester yarns with PVC coating;

2. Coating technology;

3. Good strength, good flexibility and adhesion strength; 

4. Outstanding tearing strength for welding;

5. Cold Crack Resistance, Anti-Mildew, Anti-Static treatment, Waterproof; 

6 .Best color fastness

7. make-to-order


1.General Cover, Construction and Machinery Equipment Cover.

2.Covers for open-stored goods, Covers for trucks/automobiles/boat.

3.Covers for Swimming Pools and Garden Furniture etc.

4.Lining materials for storage tanks and containers.

5.Lining material for irrigation Canals and grain silos.

6.Industrial Cover, Tents, Picnic mat.

Weight(GSM)Base FabricTensile strength(N/5CM)Tearing strength(N/5CM)Adhesion strength(N/5CM)
5001000 D,18*18210020080
5501000 D,18*18,20*202100/2400200/25080
6101000 D,18*18,20*202100/2400200/25080
840 D,18*18210026080
6801000 D,20*20240025080
7501000 D,23*23280028080
9001000 D,30*30 Panama350040090
5501000 D,20*20240025080
6501000 D,20*20240025080
7501000 D,23*23280028080
8501000 D,23*23280028080
9001000 D,30*30 Panama380040090
11001000 D,30*32 Panama450060090

Our advantage
1.Rich industry experience

A: 20 more years experiences
B: 10 years experiences for serving customers
C: Give the most appropriate suggestion and response to customers within 8 hours

2.More types for you to choose
A: Including four major tarpaulins: PVC,PE, Oxford and Canvas tarpaulins.
B: They are widely used as construction membranes advertising material,recreational facilities, truck tarpaulin, emergency relief material, bags material, tent and party tents, conveyors, ventilation pipes, oil storage bags,swimming pool equipment, inflated castles and so on.
C: We own 10 production lines for PVC coating, 3 production lines for PE tarpaulins and 500 high-speed sewing machines. We produce 60 million square meters PVC and 90 million ton PE ever year.

3.The professional sales team
A: We will answer your inquiry within 8 hours
B: We will send the sample to you within 24 hours according to your appointed specification. When we received your sample ,we will quote to you within 8 hours.
4.The professional After-sales Team The insurance company will underwrite for our productafter they are sold.
24 hours online services provided by our professional team

5.Our products have passed the ISO, CE, SGS, and CTI certificate

6.Quality is life,we have 3 groups of QC department to monitor each order at every production process.